Mission – Kunde Brand


Welcome to the Kunde adventure!

You are about to discover everything you can do with music. But also, everything that music can do for you.

Hello! We are Kunde Brand, a community of artists from Barcelona that is committed to the educational and social power of music. We don't want you to just listen to it, we want you to dare to create it yourself. That way you will improve your musical, emotional and social intelligence while enjoying unique moments, as we have already done.

Our story begins in 2018, when two young entrepreneurs decided to launch a new project: Helping people grow with music.
Two months before this whole journey began, we had bought ukuleles and we usually met with our friends to play and sing. It didn't take us long to realize the potential of these magical experiences, and since learning to play it turned out to be very easy, we decided to go for this very grateful and comfortable instrument.

After researching and studying the market we got down to work. As any young entrepreneur, we didn't have many resources, so we started with a Crowdfunding. Thanks to friends, family & fools and our sponsors we surpassed 3000€ and we were able to place our first order: Our first Sun and Moon models. Once we received them, we stored them in the garage with the illusion and hope that our brand would take off. And it did in the best possible way: we sold all the ukuleles within a month!

From here, we have been growing over time and expanding our models. But always offering good quality ukuleles at a competitive price. We don't want to sell you toys that don't tune, because it's important to us that you progress and keep learning.

It doesn't matter if you've never played an instrument (other than the flute), if you're embarrassed, or if you think you're not good at it. None of that is true. Everyone can learn to play the ukulele. It's as simple as daring.

Dare to approach this challenge with enthusiasm and positivity. To be creative, to do what you really love and to live by the Kunde philosophy. Remember: You are not alone! From the beginning you will have our full support. You will get better and better until you discover a world of fun, tranquility and satisfaction. And soon, the ukulele will become your companion in your adventures. But you'll have to see for yourself.

Choose your Ukulele and join the Kunde family!